Back to work and a discount on stationery.

Hello friends.

Today is the 1st of September, and it is my first proper, official day back to work. Both kids are settled in nursery and I have the whole day to myself to plan, design, make and get things at back in shape. Its quite an amazing feeling. As long as I stay calm and don’t get overwhelmed by having a whole eight hours to myself we’ll be ok.

Looking after two children under 3 year old hasn’t given me much time to do an awful lot lately, besides keeping the kids alive, which it turns out is a pretty full on job. I’m sure plenty of you are rolling your eyes in a sort of ‘what were you expecting?’ kind of way but really, despite people telling me I’d have no time to myself, it was quite a shock!

But not being able to DO doesn’t mean I haven’t had plenty of time to think, imagine, dream and look forward to a time when I can put plans and new ideas into place. So as long as nobody else gets the chicken pox or needs time off nursery for anything else (who am I kidding) there should be a new range of bags coming soon, and other fun new things to launch before Christmas.

One thing I have managed to do in the last few months though is to get my stationery range online. This was previously only available to my wholesale customers but now that everything is photographed and listed on the site I’d like to invite you to a back to work, (or slightly late, back to school) discount of 30% off all notebooks and cards. Just use the code BACK TO WORK.

And with that I am going to get back to work myself.
Byee for now x

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Up to 50% off at Not On The Highstreet


Its summer AND its been sunny for more than two days in a row AND I am taking part in the Not On The Highstreet summer sale. These are things that don’t happen very often. Actually I think this might be the first time I’ve joined in with the summer sale over there so I thought it was definitely worth mentioning. I’m not messing about either, up to 50% off on Hot Dogs and Shoppers, and 25% off Cross Body Bags, its worth a look.

Making Cards with Kids, i.e. letting them help but still ending up with something half way decent.

Kids card making tutorial

This weekend was fathers day and a very good friends 40th birthday (which is an alarming thought) not the fathers day thing but having friends turning 40. I’m not really ok with this. But that aside, I decided I’d put the kids to work creating cards for the occasions.

Step 1. Give pack of pens and some paper to a two and a half year old and try not to over think the result too much but instead make helpful suggestions like, “Hay perhaps we could do another colour over here”, “and “lets try just drawing on the paper and not the train set / your legs or the carpet”

Step 2. Cut the letters out yourself. I’m not sure when your supposed to give scissors to a child but I’m pretty sure I can’t trust mine not to do lasting damage yet.

Step 3. Glue them on – its up to you and how much of a control freak you are as to weather you let your kid do this bit themselves or if you just get them to tell you where they think you should stick the letters before ignoring them and putting them where they are supposed to go.

Tada: A card that a kid made that doesn’t look too much like a kid make it!

Product Photography – Alphabet Badges and Magnets

I’ve been trying to work on my product photography lately. I have tons of ideas for new products I’m itching to get working on but I decided to make myself have a good look at the ones I already have first and try and make the best of them. My photos have always been so-so. Not awful, (I hope) but definitely with plenty of ‘room for improvement’ which is the same phrase Michael uses to describe my catching skills so we know there not great! I’m trying to read, learn and keep trying to make them better. I’ve started with the Alphabetti badges and magnets which area a consistently good seller especially on Not On the Highstreet but with very old photos they were due for an update. Here’s what I’ve got so far…






Mummy days – playing with rice


I have this vague memory from when I was a kid and as a special treat sometimes we would get to play with a big tray full of dry red lentils. I remember driving cars around in it, scooping them up, pouring them through little water wheels and generally thinking it was the best thing ever. Anyway I asked my mum about it last weekend so I could try and recreate the magic and she managed to totally shattered my romantic memories by saying something along the lines of ‘oh yes, I think I just tipped a bag of lentils into an old cat litter tray’ lovely, cheers mum! 

Anyway, here’s our version, a couple of super cheep bags of rice and a big flat plastic tub. We added in some cars and a digger and it kept this little guy quite happy. Next time perhaps I’ll add in some toy animals or spoons and a funnel.