Dogs in Jumpers

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I feel like I’ve been working on these for ages. Everything takes at least 10 times longer now I have two little people taking up way more of my time than I ever imagined. But they are here at last. Three new hot dogs and a very limited number of little canvas mushroom purses.

The dogs aren’t completely new. Our three best sellers have had a make over! Here’s how it happened…

It is clear that I need to cut down the amount of physical making I was doing myself (blaming those kids again). So rather than screen printing the Hot Dogs myself I decided to have them digitally printed. Only with digital printing there is no limit to the number of colours you can use and I love lots of colour! so it was too good an opportunity to miss, I had to put jumpers on them! Only three for now but the others may follow soon.

There are still small amounts of the screen printed dogs available but these won’t last long.

Emma x

T-Shirts from Mimi and Will


Making me very happy this week – seeing my wee boy in a t-shirt I designed for the fantastic Mimi and Will. The design is screen printed in the UK onto a beautifully soft organic cotton shirt. I’m so happy with how these turned out. My design is on their website now along with a number of other great designs. Dear to my heart is their commitment to producing a fantastic range of t-shirts, made from top quality materials, free from gender categories.

In their words “We don’t produce separate ranges for boys and girls. They’re t-shirts, right? Pick a design you love, or let your kids decide.  They’ll love how it looks and feels, you’ll love how easy it is to wash and wear, and you can pass it on to a smaller person when you’re done.”

You can shop their collection right here.

A little Logo re-design


I can’t exactly pin point why but I’ve been wanting to change my logo for a while now. This morning I finally came up with something I liked. Its hand drawn and I think fits better with the look of my work these days. I hope you like it (and that I don’t go off it by next week!)

Emma x

Halloween Decorations DIY


Hi Guys,

I have a DIY post live on Bloesem Blogs, I’ve been making these Halloween Decorations and if you’d like a go too, here’s how to:

You will need

  • Polystyrene balls – I used 4cm balls
  • Black and orange paint
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Black cardstock
  • White paper
  • String or cord
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Black pen
  • Glue
  • Darning needle / thin knitting needle


Step 1: paint your polystyrene balls. Paint some black for bats and spiders, some orange for pumpkins and leave a handful white for your ghosts.

Step2. For the spiders: Cut two pipe cleaners in half and half again making the eight legs, push them into the sides of a black ball and bend into shape. Cut out eye shapes from your white paper, draw in the pupils and stick in place

Step 3. Make the bats: Fold a piece of black card in half and draw on one wing shape, Cut this out and push or punch two small holes in the fold. Using a small piece of pipe cleaner attach the wings to the back of a black ball. In the same way as before stick the eyes in place.

Halloween Spider DecorationHalloween Bat Decoration

Step 4. To make the pumpkins: Use your black pen to draw on some pumpkin markings, add your eyes and push a small piece of pipe cleaner into the top to make a little stalk.

Step 5. For the ghosts: Cut a strip of white paper long enough to wrap around a white ball. Cut a wavy shape into the bottom of the paper and stick around your polystyrene ball. Cut large black eyes from the black card and stick to your ghost.

Halloween Pumpkin DecorationHalloween Ghost Decoration

Step 6. Using a thin knitting needle or long darning needle push holes through the centre of the polystyrene decorations. Thread a large darning needle with your string and push through the holes. Tie knots in the string to stop the decorations from slipping down and carry on adding as many decorations as you like.

HalloweenDecsSpider1sHalloween Sew together

Hang them around your home, or just play with them like we did. Enjoy, Emma x



Back to work and a discount on stationery.

Hello friends.

Today is the 1st of September, and it is my first proper, official day back to work. Both kids are settled in nursery and I have the whole day to myself to plan, design, make and get things at back in shape. Its quite an amazing feeling. As long as I stay calm and don’t get overwhelmed by having a whole eight hours to myself we’ll be ok.

Looking after two children under 3 year old hasn’t given me much time to do an awful lot lately, besides keeping the kids alive, which it turns out is a pretty full on job. I’m sure plenty of you are rolling your eyes in a sort of ‘what were you expecting?’ kind of way but really, despite people telling me I’d have no time to myself, it was quite a shock!

But not being able to DO doesn’t mean I haven’t had plenty of time to think, imagine, dream and look forward to a time when I can put plans and new ideas into place. So as long as nobody else gets the chicken pox or needs time off nursery for anything else (who am I kidding) there should be a new range of bags coming soon, and other fun new things to launch before Christmas.

One thing I have managed to do in the last few months though is to get my stationery range online. This was previously only available to my wholesale customers but now that everything is photographed and listed on the site I’d like to invite you to a back to work, (or slightly late, back to school) discount of 30% off all notebooks and cards. Just use the code BACK TO WORK.

And with that I am going to get back to work myself.
Byee for now x

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Up to 50% off at Not On The Highstreet


Its summer AND its been sunny for more than two days in a row AND I am taking part in the Not On The Highstreet summer sale. These are things that don’t happen very often. Actually I think this might be the first time I’ve joined in with the summer sale over there so I thought it was definitely worth mentioning. I’m not messing about either, up to 50% off on Hot Dogs and Shoppers, and 25% off Cross Body Bags, its worth a look.

Making Cards with Kids, i.e. letting them help but still ending up with something half way decent.

Kids card making tutorial

This weekend was fathers day and a very good friends 40th birthday (which is an alarming thought) not the fathers day thing but having friends turning 40. I’m not really ok with this. But that aside, I decided I’d put the kids to work creating cards for the occasions.

Step 1. Give pack of pens and some paper to a two and a half year old and try not to over think the result too much but instead make helpful suggestions like, “Hay perhaps we could do another colour over here”, “and “lets try just drawing on the paper and not the train set / your legs or the carpet”

Step 2. Cut the letters out yourself. I’m not sure when your supposed to give scissors to a child but I’m pretty sure I can’t trust mine not to do lasting damage yet.

Step 3. Glue them on – its up to you and how much of a control freak you are as to weather you let your kid do this bit themselves or if you just get them to tell you where they think you should stick the letters before ignoring them and putting them where they are supposed to go.

Tada: A card that a kid made that doesn’t look too much like a kid make it!