Society 6 iPhone case

I finally got a new phone, after almost three months of frustration trying to get my old one to connect to the internet. Feeding a tiny baby at all times of the night and day I really need something to keep me occupied (and awake!) and peering bleary eyed at my phone is the easiest way to do it. So last week I finally qualified for my upgrade and to celebrate I got myself one of my phone cases from society 6. They have free world wide shipping and $5 off every item so it was pretty easy to convince myself it was a good idea. Plus I was really curious to see what it would actually be like.

And, I’m really pleased with it, its great quality and the print looks good. The colours are exactly how I hoped they would look and its quite a lovely thing to own.


A Hedge.

I love it when I find myself doing something that I never quite imagined I’d do. Like buying a hedge online, watching YouTube how-to’s and then successfully (I hope!) planting it.

Our front garden is south facing and a decent size but there is no boundary from the garden to the road, so with a dog and two kiddies its a priority to get something sorted so we can all enjoy the garden. I’d originally thought of putting up a fence as a quick and easy solution but that turned out not to be the budget friendly option I’d thought it might be. So a bit of googling later and I’m clicking ‘add to cart’ on a hedge! A HEDGE!

BoxI don’t know quite what I was expecting but these two boxes are a little bit underwhelming, 100 plants? really?

DitchDigging and preparing the trench. Yup there’s poo in there.

Hedge2 HedgeAnd the final thing. It does look a bit like we just stuck a bunch of twigs in the ground but I have hope that it will fill out quite quickly. The string was supposed to help me plant it in a straight line – not sure it was particularly effective.

So the next part of the plan is to put up a temporary chicken wire fence until it looks a little bit more hedge-like and put a gate across the driveway. Rome was not built in a day… etc.

Oh and incase your worried yes we cleaned the pavement – don’t want the neighbours thinking were awful just yet. Also, thanks to my awesome father-in-law who did far more that his fair share of digging, shovelling and sweeping.




Hi, I’m new here.


A new baby and a new house.

This is Martha, she was born on Friday the 13th of December.  I’m not sure why I always mention that it was Friday the 13th and not just casually say that she was born on the 13th. But she was born with her bag still over her head which I’m told is lucky so I guess they should cancel each other out.

She’s lovely and so far a little easier than Bruno was at this age, or is that just me? or was I was expecting the worst? or is it because she has to be a little bit more patient? I’m not sure yet, but I’m quite relieved.

Two weeks before Martha was born we moved out of our Flat in the West End of Glasgow to a house in the sea side town of Helensburgh. Which is also a pretty massive change, its great here but I think I’m going to miss the west end, not all the stairs up to the flat but defiantly the convince, the buzz and the huge amount of things to do right on our doorstep.

But I’m looking forward to sharing it all here. Hopefully we’ll slowly (probably very slowly, we’re still surrounded by boxes) drag this house out of the 70s and make it our home. Explore our new surroundings, do some gardening for the first time, get to know our little girl and carry on building up Showpony as a business.

By the way, Martha’s excellent vest is from Lovely jojo’s a gift from Rachael at Hannah Zakari

New bags over at showpony

LtdFrontpageI just wanted to pop over and let you know that I have listed a new range of bags in my shop. They are a limited edition range of clutches with or without straps using up some of the printed fabric I already had in the studio. There are only a couple of each design so don’t hang about if there is one you’d like. I’d love to see these go off to new homes.