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Mummy days – playing with rice

I have this vague memory from when I was a kid and as a special treat sometimes we would get to play with a big tray full of dry red lentils. I remember driving cars around in it, scooping them up, pouring them through little water wheels and generally thinking it was the best thing ever. Anyway, I asked my mum about it last weekend so I could try and recreate the magic and she managed to totally shatter my romantic memories by saying something along the lines of ‘oh yes, I think I just tipped a bag of lentils into an old cat litter tray’ lovely, cheers mum!

Anyway, here’s our version, a couple of super cheap bags of rice and a big flat plastic tub. We added in some cars and a digger and it kept this little guy quite happy. Next time perhaps I’ll add in some toy animals or spoons and a funnel.

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