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DIY indoor skittles

If your going to live on the West Coast of Scotland then you really need to be ok with the odd wet day, part of my strategy for dealing with the dodgy weather is to have a few things I can do with the kids on dreary days.

This set of indoor skittles is an attempt to bring outdoor games inside. Plus we had the added fun of making them before hand.

Rather than recycle our juice bottles like a normal family, we’ve been stashing ours for a few weeks so that we could make a set of indoor skittles.

What you’ll need:
* 6 empty, and clean plastic bottles.
* White acrylic paint
* White poster paint – or ordinary children’s paint
* Coloured paper
* Scissors
* Paint brush
* PVA Glue
* A blob of old mixed up play dough

Step1: To paint the bottles white you will need to use acrylic paint first – this sticks to the plastic and can then be painted over with cheaper white paint. To make it easier for little people to paint the bottles and (hopefully) minimise the amount of paint that gets splattered around the place, we secured the bottles to the table with a blob of old play dough.

Step2: Once the bottles have had a couple of coats of paint its time to decorate. Cut out shapes from your coloured papers, we made rectangles, circles and triangles. If your little ones are helping keep the shapes fairly large so it isn’t too fiddly for them.

Step3: Then using the PVA glue stick them on, brushing a layer of PVA over the whole bottle once you’re finished to keep them well and truly stuck.

Step4: Once they are dry, just pop the lids on.
The skittles are really light so will easily be knocked over with a nice soft ball. All you need to do now is set them up and start playing.

Hope these help pass a rainy day in your house.

Emma x

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