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What tools for gardening?

I will melt with the garden which has many colors, fresh air and charming scent that comes from colorful flowers. I am a nature lover, I like to plant flowers, plant trees, and growing vegetables. The feeling when it grows and crystallizes into flowers, fruits by my attendant. It is so wonderful. But to minister a garden, a bonsai, a flowering plant, a vegetable garden, some things we must to do such as cultivating the soil, watering plants, cutting branches, pruning branches. And you cannot use only your hand to do everything. Therefore, “weapons” are what we need. So today I will introduce the necessary tools for gardening to you.


It is not a random arrangement when I choose gloves are the first “weapon”. Remember the little lady, always have at least one pair of gloves in your dwelling to protect your soft hands in house care activities, not only gardening but also cleaning up, arrange furniture, decorate your home …

Gloves have 4 basic types: Cloth Gloves, Leather Gloves, Rubber Coated Gloves, Neoprene or Nitrile Gloves. In my opinion, you should use leather gloves with water resistance; moreover, it protects the hands better from thorns, cuts, and scrapes. If you want perfect gloves, the excellent choice is Neoprene or Nitrile Gloves, besides avoiding cuts and scrapes, it can escape the effect of the chemical. They are also made to be breathable and flexible.

Set of three basic tools

– Hoe, fork, shovel

These are very popular garden tools that indispensable of most gardens. When planting fresh vegetables or any kind of tree, you need to mix the soil before planting, then cultivate the soil and put the tree in. This kit is easy to find, it can be found in many stores.

Branch shears

With different plants, especially ornamental plants, the care and pruning will help the tree more beautiful, besides, pruning weak branches and growing in the wrong position will help the tree to nourish the big branches.

My experience when choosing to buy scissors to cut branches is that you should use expensive with high-quality products because if you buy cheap ones, you can only use 1-2 times with small, soft branches.

The scissors I have consulted and used often cost 34-50 $, with many different uses. What I prioritize when using these scissors is the surface of the tree after cutting, it must be smooth, and the tool when holding on the right-hand feels comfortable.

Hand saw

Families who grow plants with big branches will need this tool. A small tip for you when sawing branches of the tree, remember to apply a little lime or white cement to the sawing area to prevent the tree from melting the sap and losing power.

After many years of gardening, I found that the best hand saw were not too expensive but the quality was good. It is possible to have a good product for over $ 10.

Fun experience: Control yourself

What is restraint? When you have one of the two hand-saw items and scissors, this is things I often get. When you finish cutting branches tree, you see those branches that seem to need a saw, then cut it, after that cutting time, the result you get is a bare tree.

Not stop there, the feeling of sawing the tree is so awesome, it makes you go around the garden looking for branches to cut. Why? because sawing the tree is so happy, the original purpose is to clear the garden, but the purpose behind it becomes the purpose of sawing the hand as a “sawing so exciting, so amazing”

That’s why I made a note to everyone. Restrain yourself, don’t let your emotions get too much. You can lose your garden just because of a hare-brained moment.


If you have a garden, you are so lucky, it will bring many interesting to you and your family. Don’t forget choosing the right gardening tools for your home, it will make gardening much simpler and safer.

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