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Ways to decorate your home with items you can find anywhere

Old furniture in the house sometimes causes discomfort to the homeowner just because they cause clutter and make the room look more cramped. However, have you ever thought that old books or chipped glass jars can become very unique home decorations?

Nowadays, the trend of recycling old furniture is being encouraged to apply. Therefore, decorating the house with available items is certainly not a bad idea. This improvement not only helps protect the environment but also saves costs for homeowners. With just a bit of sophistication in the arrangement, you can create a classic space or add a bit of fresh color to your home without spending any costs.

Do you find the idea interesting and intriguing? I do not take your time anymore. I will present a few good ideas about using old furniture to make your home more unique now. Let’s find out.

Old book

Are you trying to get rid of the old books covered with dust that has long been no longer used? Don’t waste it like that, try taking advantage of them to fill an empty hole in the house, or a messy corner of tangled wire. Books arranged scientifically and artfully will create a new look and make your home space more unique.

You can organize these old books on the best floating shelves next to the TV. Or you can leave them on the table in the living room as a substitute for flowers. I am sure that you will be pleased with this arrangement.

Glass bottles

Just like old books, instead of throwing all used glass bottles and jars in the trash. You try checking if they have eye-catching shapes or colors. After that, you can use them to decorate your home area. A small collection of glass bottles of the same color used as the vase will contribute to the appeal of your room.

Moreover, you can save some money on getting that vase. Besides replacing vases, you can apply these for other things like using them as a decorative pen box at your desk or turning them into chopsticks in the kitchen. There are lots of good ideas, right?

Blankets or towels


There are many good tips to impress your room with just an old blanket. Using color blankets instead of seat pads is an interesting idea. It doesn’t matter if the blanket is broken or not, just fold it down, choose your most beautiful face and put it on it, then fix it to the chair with a rubber band. so we have a new and unique mattress.

What about the bedroom? Placing a prominent colored towel at the end of the bed is enough to make the room less monotonous. If you like the idea, try using your old blankets and decorate them now.

Paintings and photos

You have pictures, beautiful photos, or simply a poster with striking tones suitable for the room, but are afraid to have elaborate framing or sticking on the wall to affect the paint. Why not take advantage of the hanging hook with a pretty wooden clip? Just simple, handy, easy to renew pictures every day.

For photos, don’t leave long-standing family photos lying in an old album on the shelf forever. Choose the photos you like and nest them into all available panel frames, then repaint the same tone to create a harmonious overall. Lastly, organize them wisely and according to your preferences. Consequently, the memories bearing the mark of the owner in the house are complete. And you can look at them anytime

Decorate workspace with vignette paper

You do not know what to do with the leftover pieces of wallpaper texture? Don’t rush it, you can use them at other things. For example, just wrap them up on books in your book room to create beautiful book boxes and bookshelves. So you’ve finished blowing soul art for the work corner becomes less dry, boring. In particular, this decoration creates an interest in studying and working for you.

Decorated with jewelry

You are surprised when I mention decorating with jewelry, right? I am not joking with you. Take the bangles out of the box and hang along the wall at the corner of your makeup with small hooks. Your bedroom wall will become a lot prettier. Moreover, this method also contributes to preserving jewelry from being tangled together.

Note: Please only decorate the jewelry in your bedroom. And only use the jewelry that looks beautiful, not worth the money. I am sure you why I said that, right?

Use old wooden boards

This is a pretty good idea I want to recommend to you. Use small boards as furniture or houseware. For example, if you have a 50 cm long wooden board, you can apply them as a cutting board to cut food or turn them into a fruit plate, a food substitute for porcelain plates, extremely fragile glass. For wood use as a decoration, you can use them as a floating shelf and set up on the wall to store your miscellaneous items. It will make your home clean and unique with a harmonious combination between modern and traditional.

Note: This idea is quite good, right? However, its drawback is that to use them safely you need to process it first. You must use sandpaper, grindstone, food safety paint, and a brush to complete this “work”.

In conclusion

I have come up with some great ideas to support you make your monotonous home more outstanding and unique with just the things you can find anywhere.

If you find one of these ideas to suit your interests and the things you have, let’s start transforming your home space right away. Although you will take a lot of effort to decorate, you will not regret looking at the results that it brings. Finally, I hope that the information I have given above is partly useful to you. And thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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