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How to create a clean and smooth cut

Looking at the title above, you are wondering why it is necessary to create clean cuts, right? The reason is extremely simple. Like in humans, pruning will hurt branches and the tree needs a natural healing process. If you trim and clean properly, the wound will close and recover quickly.

Therefore, the creation of smooth and clean cuts is extremely important. That helps accelerate the healing process for the plant. Do you know how to cut it clean and smooth? If you haven’t heard about this method, rest assured in today’s article, I will detail how to prune a tree to create clean and smooth cuts that help the tree to recover quickly. I don’t let you wait any longer, let’s start to explore and discover.

Check the sharpness of the saw

Checking the saw blade before sawing is extremely important and necessary before pruning trees. As you know, a blunt and rusty saw does not help you to prune effectively but it also creates ugly wounds that are difficult to recover. Therefore, make sure to saw you sharp enough before trimming to ensure the smoothest and cleanest cuts.

Choose where to cut

Next, you need to determine the appropriate cutting position, because whether you are removing dead branches, pests or pruning wood for other purposes such as thinning or shaping the tree, your first step to creating a good cut is deciding which branch to cut.

For example, when cutting a tree about a year old, you can see a slightly swollen collar around the base of the tree. Because of the new, you need to observe to locate this position. (On older trees, this area is larger and often more visible.) To make a nice cut, you need to cut just above this location. And remember never cut into it.

When cutting smaller wood, you should locate your cut just above a strong knot with one or more healthy buds. According to many experts, that position is even better than if you cut on a healthy branch.

Next, on perennial coniferous and hardwoods, the buds are often hidden in the wood. In these cases, you only need to cut the height you want. If the wood is strong enough, you will see the tree recover quickly from those hidden buds.

Finally, for a truly ideal cut, which means cutting so that the bud or branch is not only healthy but also in the direction you want for future growth, the ideal method is to cut away from the center of the tree.

Choose the right tool

Next, choose the appropriate pruning tool is also an important thing that you need to pay attention to. As far as you know, each tree type or each cutting position requires a different type of best pruning saw. For example, if you want to cut branches in a high place, a pole saw is the idea for you. As the name implies, it has a long pole style. Therefore, it makes it easy for you to cut the branches at the top of the tree easily. As for the short and small branches, you only need to use a hand-pruning saw. It will help you cut dead branches or pests effectively. Besides, With a small design, you can easily move or store it.

Tips and techniques for cutting

Equip protective equipment: The use of protective equipment is extremely necessary for all gardeners. These protective gear will help you avoid accidental dangers. For example, with protective gloves, when you are pruning or working in the garden, there are a lot of sharp branches and thorns around you. And certain plants can irritate your skin if you touch it. So, do you see the importance of gloves yet? Don’t forget to wear gloves when gardening. Next, goggles are also important and essential for you. In the process of pruning trees with the pruning saw, there are lots of wood chips flying out. Therefore, if you do not wear glasses, they can catch your eyes very dangerous.

Determination of branch size and weight: It is also important to determine the weight and size of branches before cutting. You will know how to cut exactly and most effectively. For example, if the tree is heavy, the identification mark is quite simple and easy to see. Heavy branches often tend to bend downwards. To cut these branches, you have to cut small buds on the branch first (to reduce weight) before pruning. As for the long-sized branches, the best method for you is to cut small pieces one by one.

When pruning, you can take advantage of nearby branches in the process. Put the pruning saw on a branch next to the branch you want to cut and then start cutting. That will give levers for faster and more accurate saw cutting. However, the bad thing about this approach is that your saw will quickly get dull.

When working near a tight branch with a saw, you must pay attention to place the saw inside the branch and cut down and away from the tight area. Besides that, you need to carefully control both sides of your saw, one of which can easily scratch and hurt the wood that you are not aiming for.

To sum up, I have covered the criteria and tips you need to know when you want to create clean and smooth cuts. Have you found this information helpful to you? I hope that the information I provide is useful to you. Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read through this article. And wish you the successful creation of clean and smooth cuts

Ways to decorate your home with items you can find anywhere

Old furniture in the house sometimes causes discomfort to the homeowner just because they cause clutter and make the room look more cramped. However, have you ever thought that old books or chipped glass jars can become very unique home decorations?

Nowadays, the trend of recycling old furniture is being encouraged to apply. Therefore, decorating the house with available items is certainly not a bad idea. This improvement not only helps protect the environment but also saves costs for homeowners. With just a bit of sophistication in the arrangement, you can create a classic space or add a bit of fresh color to your home without spending any costs.

Do you find the idea interesting and intriguing? I do not take your time anymore. I will present a few good ideas about using old furniture to make your home more unique now. Let’s find out.

Old book

Are you trying to get rid of the old books covered with dust that has long been no longer used? Don’t waste it like that, try taking advantage of them to fill an empty hole in the house, or a messy corner of tangled wire. Books arranged scientifically and artfully will create a new look and make your home space more unique.

You can organize these old books on the best floating shelves next to the TV. Or you can leave them on the table in the living room as a substitute for flowers. I am sure that you will be pleased with this arrangement.

Glass bottles

Just like old books, instead of throwing all used glass bottles and jars in the trash. You try checking if they have eye-catching shapes or colors. After that, you can use them to decorate your home area. A small collection of glass bottles of the same color used as the vase will contribute to the appeal of your room.

Moreover, you can save some money on getting that vase. Besides replacing vases, you can apply these for other things like using them as a decorative pen box at your desk or turning them into chopsticks in the kitchen. There are lots of good ideas, right?

Blankets or towels


There are many good tips to impress your room with just an old blanket. Using color blankets instead of seat pads is an interesting idea. It doesn’t matter if the blanket is broken or not, just fold it down, choose your most beautiful face and put it on it, then fix it to the chair with a rubber band. so we have a new and unique mattress.

What about the bedroom? Placing a prominent colored towel at the end of the bed is enough to make the room less monotonous. If you like the idea, try using your old blankets and decorate them now.

Paintings and photos

You have pictures, beautiful photos, or simply a poster with striking tones suitable for the room, but are afraid to have elaborate framing or sticking on the wall to affect the paint. Why not take advantage of the hanging hook with a pretty wooden clip? Just simple, handy, easy to renew pictures every day.

For photos, don’t leave long-standing family photos lying in an old album on the shelf forever. Choose the photos you like and nest them into all available panel frames, then repaint the same tone to create a harmonious overall. Lastly, organize them wisely and according to your preferences. Consequently, the memories bearing the mark of the owner in the house are complete. And you can look at them anytime

Decorate workspace with vignette paper

You do not know what to do with the leftover pieces of wallpaper texture? Don’t rush it, you can use them at other things. For example, just wrap them up on books in your book room to create beautiful book boxes and bookshelves. So you’ve finished blowing soul art for the work corner becomes less dry, boring. In particular, this decoration creates an interest in studying and working for you.

Decorated with jewelry

You are surprised when I mention decorating with jewelry, right? I am not joking with you. Take the bangles out of the box and hang along the wall at the corner of your makeup with small hooks. Your bedroom wall will become a lot prettier. Moreover, this method also contributes to preserving jewelry from being tangled together.

Note: Please only decorate the jewelry in your bedroom. And only use the jewelry that looks beautiful, not worth the money. I am sure you why I said that, right?

Use old wooden boards

This is a pretty good idea I want to recommend to you. Use small boards as furniture or houseware. For example, if you have a 50 cm long wooden board, you can apply them as a cutting board to cut food or turn them into a fruit plate, a food substitute for porcelain plates, extremely fragile glass. For wood use as a decoration, you can use them as a floating shelf and set up on the wall to store your miscellaneous items. It will make your home clean and unique with a harmonious combination between modern and traditional.

Note: This idea is quite good, right? However, its drawback is that to use them safely you need to process it first. You must use sandpaper, grindstone, food safety paint, and a brush to complete this “work”.

In conclusion

I have come up with some great ideas to support you make your monotonous home more outstanding and unique with just the things you can find anywhere.

If you find one of these ideas to suit your interests and the things you have, let’s start transforming your home space right away. Although you will take a lot of effort to decorate, you will not regret looking at the results that it brings. Finally, I hope that the information I have given above is partly useful to you. And thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Learn about usage and some common errors when using portable table saws

You just bought the best portable table saw for yourself or your family. Although you have read the product manual, you still have trouble using or operating this device properly. 

Understanding that worry, in this article I will present some suggestions on how to use and some errors of the product so you can use it most easily and effectively. Best of all, you can cut out straight and perfect woods according to your purpose. Let’s read and find out.

The main function of the machine

Before learning about how to use. I will tell you about the typical features of this machine for those you have not known.

The main function of this machine is to cut materials made of wood from small wood panels to large wood panels. Therefore, it has become an indispensable tool for carpenters in the production of wooden furniture. It makes the process of making wood faster and more accurate and especially produces more output than a hand saw.

Structure of the portable table saw

  • Saw blades and heads to guide the saw angle
  • Table saw (depending on the type of machine with different weight)
  • Button to adjust the height and tilt of the saw blade
  • Containers for wood chips when finished
  • Measure and horizontal bar
  • Control panel (Off – On and Emergency Off)
  • The display shows the speed of saw blade rotation
  • Stick push wood
  • Saw blades for bait
  • Slider section to extend the table saw
  • Tubes for vacuuming underneath
  • Wheel: used to push the device anywhere you want (This is the outstanding feature of this machine)

Note: There are some small parts I haven’t mentioned yet. You can find out later.

How to use a portable table saw

Step one: place wooden boards perpendicular to the saw blade. This step is extremely simple but you should not ignore. Because it is the agent that makes you cut the wood straight and perfect. For the most accurate setting, use a protractor. Or you want to be more perfect, take the time to the carpentry shop to buy a triangle and place it on the table between the wood and the saw blade to measure.

Step two: Use the controller to move the saw head to close the wood you want to cut

Step 3: Press the control button and push the wooden plate slowly through the saw

Note: You have to keep your hands away from the saw blade at a certain distance to avoid possible accidents.

The usage is relatively simple, isn’t it? If you are new to using this type of saw. You should practice cutting perpendicularly first. Later when you have mastered this product, you can adjust the saw blade to your favorite angle and cut it.

Common errors when using Portable table saw

The cutting line of the saw blade is not aligned: This is the problem of most saws as in circular saws that cannot be avoided. And one of the most basic errors is that the cut lines on the wood are not aligned or the wood is scratched. As a result, the product does not get high quality.

The main reason is that you have used an inappropriate, broken or chipped saw. This work also affects the durability of the saw machine, not only does your product no longer have aesthetics.

To remedy this situation, you only need to replace the new and appropriate saw blade for the saw machine to work, the machine can continue to perform normal work.

Can not adjust the speed of the machine: When you use the wrong way and force them to work for too long, there will be signs of speed instability that the machine cannot continue to work.

The cause of this situation is due to 2 cases:

Firstly, because the speed controller of the saw was broken, malfunctioned. You need to repair or replace the speed regulator to work normally.

Secondly, the machine is jammed with many dust mites in the ventilation slots during work, when encountering this case, you just need to remove them and clean the ventilation slot is okay.

Besides, there are many errors I didn’t point out. I see if you don’t know how to fix it, bring the product to the facility you purchased to get the best repair warranty.

In conclusion

Do you find this article useful or necessary for you? I hope there is. Please refer to the usage and the common errors that I have mentioned above to use and fix your saw’s error.

[REVIEWS] ThermoPro TP50 Digital Thermometer Hygrometer: is it the best moisture meter for the home?

What do you think while living in a humid and murky house? It is the air humidity that is the first factor that causes a lot of influence on the health and lifespan of the objects in the house. Too high humidity makes things and clothes in the house humid and moldy, airborne bacteria are also prolific and active stronger, which negatively affects our bodies. While the humidity is too low, the skin becomes dry, flaky, eyes dull and lips cracked, sweating quickly. Therefore, my family always has a set of indoor humidity measuring products. It will notify you of indicators, from which you will take the necessary measures to resolve the best indoor atmosphere and comfort.

A product that I have used for a long time, it has many functions and compact. It can be said to be the best product I use. It is called ThermoPro TP50 Digital Indoor Room Thermometer Hygrometer Monitor Temperature and Humidity Meter for Home Office Nursery Comfort, Min / Max Records. You can search it on sites like Amazon, which is also where I ordered this product. Price is about £ 10.


I had to confess that I was in love with it for the first time I saw. It has a good looking with a square design; the compact is 7.9 x 2.13 x 6.65 cm (fits one of my hands), surrounded by white borders, the big screen clearly displays the indicators. It is designed very thin, very luxurious and modern, behind is an extremely solid black plastic stand, with such a price, I am very satisfied with this moisture meter.  It can stand alone on a shelf or such like, or be attached by its magnet at the back to any metal object that you find suitable for its location. You can not hang it up. I bought two items for the bedroom and a living room. I truly love it, it’s like a small watch, not only for measuring humidity but also for decorating the room more beautiful. This product has come with AAA battery.


According to the manufacturer’s information:

Simple Humidity Level Indicator

    Check indoor comfort and humidity conditions at a glance with the humidity level icon.

  — Dry: < 30%.

  — Comfort: Humidity: 30%-60%, temperature: 20°C-26°C (68°F-79°F).

  — Wet: >60%.

High and Low Records

    The humidity temperature gauge displays all-time high and low records for both humidity and   temperature

Easy Setting  

    Press the button on the back to switch between °C and °F and hold for 2 seconds to clear   the record maximum and minimum humidity/temperature readings

Get the Info You Need to Control Temperature and Humidity

    It’s the perfect companion for your humidifier and dehumidifier. You can use humidifier or dehumidifier to change the humidity of the ambient environment according to the reading from TP50.

I confirm the information from the advertising manufacturer is correct. This moisture meter product is excellent. I live in a small house with 2 floors, the area I live in is very wet, it is surrounded by tall buildings, and this makes the sun photo does not get into the lower floor of the house, especially, this can be felt clearly on the first floor of the house. So it is easy to get wet, and It is also part of the cause of osteoarthritis that my mother has. That’s why I bought this gadget to gauge the right humidity.

I also love the humidity reading.  The top area indicates the % of humidity in the air, with a lower & higher reading. It even has a smiley face yo display comfort level. These readings can be reset (say if you were moving it to another room). So say after a week, you can tell the average for a room from these two readings. There is also a little icon the lights up with 3 features. Too dry, comfort & too damp.

At the bottom set of readings, they indicate room temperature.

It has a handy min and max for both temp and humidity. This can be reset at any time. Degrees can also be changed to Fahrenheit if desired.

My verdict

Score: 9/10


  • Cheap
  • Works well and exactly
  • Compact, beautiful design, big screen, clear display
  • One battery AAA
  • Warranty for 2 years


  • No lights to watch at night


Is the best moisture meter and is extremely necessary for the family. Protect your health and your family with this handy and compact product.