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The important role of watercolor painting in our life

Nowadays, there are a lot of interesting hobbies that have a special attraction for the youth. According to a recent survey, most of the young generations consider arts to be an integral part of their life because they are fascinated by its interesting things. Visual and performing arts are the two main forms of arts that are very easy to realize in life. Arts are things such as music, painting, dance, magic, musical theatre, opera, drawing and so on, most of which are very popular for the younger now. However, in my opinion, painting especially watercolor pain is the best interesting thing in our life because of its advantages.

What is a watercolor painting?

It is not deniable that watercolor painting is one of the most important factors to create the diversity of arts. Watercolor painting is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution. It has a big attraction to all ages from the kids to the old people because it is very exciting and colorful. Since ancient times, people have known the art of watercolor painting is an important thing in culture in the world. And now it is also a way for us to show our talent, our hobby and our characteristics.

The prominent functions of the watercolor painting art

The art of watercolor painting plays an essential role in human life as well as society. To understand more about that, I will explain clearly for you some prominent functions of the watercolor painting art below.

•    The art of watercolor painting is a special communication method: it can be seen that there are a lot of countries in the world, it means that there are so many languages because each country will have a different language to communicate. So it is very difficult for us to understand other people’s thoughts. However, do you think that we can understand the messages and the thoughts of a foreign artist when we look at their pictures although we do not know their language? The answer is of course yes. We can connect closely many other people in different countries in the world by art. Moreover, the art of watercolor paint also is a good way for us to make friends with foreign people, so we can share our ideas and the culture of our country for them.

•    The watercolor painting art is one of the best ways to show the reality of the culture and society of a country: people often paint the pictures that display the culture of the country because only the culture and other factors such as emotions and feelings can make a person to paint or draw a picture. I can take an example: when you look at a picture with a lot of the high building and the smile of people, I guess you will imagine a peaceful and prosperous society. Besides, watercolor paint also creates a diversity of culture and society.

•    The watercolor painting improves human life: painting a picture is a way to display our thoughts and our messages to other people so we will feel better when we express our emotions to outside. Moreover, it makes our life and our society more beautiful and colorful every day. The reason is that if we see a picture and can understand the messages of the owner picture and feel it by our way, we will feel so comfortable and relieved. Besides, the art of watercolor painting helps us have the motivation to overcome difficult situations in life and see life more beautiful.

In conclusion

The art of watercolor painting has many important benefits in our life. And it is also a good hobby for everyone especially the young generation to follow because a good watercolor painting will bring us more than what we can see. I hope that with this information that I share in this article, you will feel it is useful for you and your life.

Top of the hottest phone cases today

For young people today, phones are not only tools for listening and calling, but also a tool to show their style and personality. Along with that, Phone case becomes an indispensable accessory for young people in particular and for everyone in general, Not only does it protect the phone from scratches and falls, it is also an accessory that helps the phone more gorgeous and shows the user’s level.

Currently, on the market, the phone case is designed with a variety of designs, colors, sizes and constantly developing to meet the needs of customers, especially among young people who always catch the trend quickly. And they want their phones to be unique, strange, beautiful in front of others.

I have researched and synthesized a number of phone cases that are extremely popular among young people today. Let’s explore now.

Flower phone cases

The flower phone case is one of the hottest trends this year. It is suitable for those who like luxurious beauty, personality and even those who like gentle beauty.. With many extremely rich and eye-catching designs, Flower phone cases are being sought and used by many young people. Some popular colors that you can refer to when choosing this case, such as like shape of roses flower, tulips flower, sunflowers, apricot flowers, cherry blossoms, …  and flower phone cases with artificial stones attached.

Embossed phone cases

According to statistics, embossed phone casing is a type of case which is being chosen by many teenagers because the design is extremely diverse and especially its price is very cheap in accordance with many people’s income.

Not only that, the embossed phone case is made of flexible plastic, it helps to protect the phone safely and avoid collision and fall. Therefore, if you want to buy a phone case, don’t forget to consider this cute case.

Mirror-coated cases

For those who want to replace their phones more stylish and luxurious, but you still don’t know which is the most suitable. Why don’t you try using a mirror-coated case? It is designed with luxurious metal and is coated with a glossy exterior mirror, looks very solid, luxurious and equally unique. Especially the mirror- coated cases are designed to help you look yourself when you need everywhere without carrying a real mirror. Extremely convenient! But its price is a bit expensive. With the above benefits, you will definitely not regret buying it.

Animal phone cases

Speaking of teenagers, we will think of the fun, lovely and cute of this age. The animal cases like Totoro phone case, bear, fish, cat, dog … are designed extremely vivid and colorful. Therefore, after being released, it was loved and used by many young people. Moreover. The price of this case is extremely affordable. Most young people can buy it.

Brocade phone cases

Brocade in vintage style is not only widely used in designing clothes, shoes or handbags. It is becoming a new trend in phone case design. Brocade is usually made of flexible plastic and printed eye-catching patterns such as ethnic, dreamcatcher or stylized flowers … Very popular with young people. In addition to drawing brocade on the case, the designer also created some cases wrapped in brocade fabric. They are becoming something very new and being hunted by the teen community.

Phone case with stones

The final case that I want to introduce to you is the phone case with stone. This case is being a big fish in a little pond in the phone accessories market. This case is made extremely elaborate and detailed in each stage. Moreover, the sparkling stone helps create a sense of luxury and sophistication for users.

The price of this case is the most expensive of all the cases I have recommended. But it is still well received. Because of its elegance, sophistication gives users.

In conclusion

Above, I have introduced to you some of the hottest cases available today. Besides, There are a lot of cases I have not mentioned, such as wooden cases (the craftsmen use a wood chisel to make them), leather cases, … are also very popular among young people. We hope you can choose your favorite cases with this article!

What tools for gardening?

I will melt with the garden which has many colors, fresh air and charming scent that comes from colorful flowers. I am a nature lover, I like to plant flowers, plant trees, and growing vegetables. The feeling when it grows and crystallizes into flowers, fruits by my attendant. It is so wonderful. But to minister a garden, a bonsai, a flowering plant, a vegetable garden, some things we must to do such as cultivating the soil, watering plants, cutting branches, pruning branches. And you cannot use only your hand to do everything. Therefore, “weapons” are what we need. So today I will introduce the necessary tools for gardening to you.


It is not a random arrangement when I choose gloves are the first “weapon”. Remember the little lady, always have at least one pair of gloves in your dwelling to protect your soft hands in house care activities, not only gardening but also cleaning up, arrange furniture, decorate your home …

Gloves have 4 basic types: Cloth Gloves, Leather Gloves, Rubber Coated Gloves, Neoprene or Nitrile Gloves. In my opinion, you should use leather gloves with water resistance; moreover, it protects the hands better from thorns, cuts, and scrapes. If you want perfect gloves, the excellent choice is Neoprene or Nitrile Gloves, besides avoiding cuts and scrapes, it can escape the effect of the chemical. They are also made to be breathable and flexible.

Set of three basic tools

– Hoe, fork, shovel

These are very popular garden tools that indispensable of most gardens. When planting fresh vegetables or any kind of tree, you need to mix the soil before planting, then cultivate the soil and put the tree in. This kit is easy to find, it can be found in many stores.

Branch shears

With different plants, especially ornamental plants, the care and pruning will help the tree more beautiful, besides, pruning weak branches and growing in the wrong position will help the tree to nourish the big branches.

My experience when choosing to buy scissors to cut branches is that you should use expensive with high-quality products because if you buy cheap ones, you can only use 1-2 times with small, soft branches.

The scissors I have consulted and used often cost 34-50 $, with many different uses. What I prioritize when using these scissors is the surface of the tree after cutting, it must be smooth, and the tool when holding on the right-hand feels comfortable.

Hand saw

Families who grow plants with big branches will need this tool. A small tip for you when sawing branches of the tree, remember to apply a little lime or white cement to the sawing area to prevent the tree from melting the sap and losing power.

After many years of gardening, I found that the best hand saw were not too expensive but the quality was good. It is possible to have a good product for over $ 10.

Fun experience: Control yourself

What is restraint? When you have one of the two hand-saw items and scissors, this is things I often get. When you finish cutting branches tree, you see those branches that seem to need a saw, then cut it, after that cutting time, the result you get is a bare tree.

Not stop there, the feeling of sawing the tree is so awesome, it makes you go around the garden looking for branches to cut. Why? because sawing the tree is so happy, the original purpose is to clear the garden, but the purpose behind it becomes the purpose of sawing the hand as a “sawing so exciting, so amazing”

That’s why I made a note to everyone. Restrain yourself, don’t let your emotions get too much. You can lose your garden just because of a hare-brained moment.


If you have a garden, you are so lucky, it will bring many interesting to you and your family. Don’t forget choosing the right gardening tools for your home, it will make gardening much simpler and safer.

DIY indoor skittles

If your going to live on the West Coast of Scotland then you really need to be ok with the odd wet day, part of my strategy for dealing with the dodgy weather is to have a few things I can do with the kids on dreary days.

This set of indoor skittles is an attempt to bring outdoor games inside. Plus we had the added fun of making them before hand.

Rather than recycle our juice bottles like a normal family, we’ve been stashing ours for a few weeks so that we could make a set of indoor skittles.

What you’ll need:
* 6 empty, and clean plastic bottles.
* White acrylic paint
* White poster paint – or ordinary children’s paint
* Coloured paper
* Scissors
* Paint brush
* PVA Glue
* A blob of old mixed up play dough

Step1: To paint the bottles white you will need to use acrylic paint first – this sticks to the plastic and can then be painted over with cheaper white paint. To make it easier for little people to paint the bottles and (hopefully) minimise the amount of paint that gets splattered around the place, we secured the bottles to the table with a blob of old play dough.

Step2: Once the bottles have had a couple of coats of paint its time to decorate. Cut out shapes from your coloured papers, we made rectangles, circles and triangles. If your little ones are helping keep the shapes fairly large so it isn’t too fiddly for them.

Step3: Then using the PVA glue stick them on, brushing a layer of PVA over the whole bottle once you’re finished to keep them well and truly stuck.

Step4: Once they are dry, just pop the lids on.
The skittles are really light so will easily be knocked over with a nice soft ball. All you need to do now is set them up and start playing.

Hope these help pass a rainy day in your house.

Emma x

Painted Easter Cards – Kids Crafts

Easter cards made from your child’s unique artwork will make a lovely gift for any relatives that you might not be able to visit over the holidays. The other bonus is that you might finally find another home for some of the growing piles of priceless artworks created by your talented off spring. There’s only so much you can put on the fridge and the recycling bin is overflowing!

To create these Easter Cards, download the Easter Card Template and print onto the thickest Card your printer will take.

What you’ll need:
* Some painted paper, an 8cm x 10cm piece will be enough
* A blank piece of card 11cm x 11cm
* Best Utility Knife
* Metal Ruler
* Tape measure
* Cutting mat

Step1: Firstly score your fold mark onto your printed card. Then cut out the card rectangle using the printed cutting marks. To make life easier don’t cut right to the edges if you do this you’ll chop your guide marks (see the image below)  Also cut out the egg shape leaving an egg-shaped hole.

Step2: All you need to do now is stick your painted paper behind the hole and stick the blank card piece over the top to keep everything neat and tidy.

Step3: Bravo! Gorgeous quick and easy handmade cards the whole family can feel proud of.

Emma x

DIY Salt Dough Glitter Hearts

This is a really simple little valentine’s gift that is definitely easy enough for you to do with your kiddo, and quick enough that even young ones won’t get distracted. And as a bonus your more than likely to have everything you need in the house already.

To make these salt dough glitter hearts you will need…

For the salt dough:

Half a cup of water

1 cup of flour

1 cup of salt

Glitter – we used chunky glitter but fine stuff would work just as well.

Heart shaped cookie cutters

Badge backs or magnets



Step 1.

Make the salt dough.

Just dump all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix it up with your hands.

Then add in your chosen glitter, we just kept sprinkling it in and mixing it up until it looked like enough.

Then onto a clean surface roll out your dough to about ½ cm thick and using your cookie cutters stamp out your shapes and place onto a baking tray.

If you didn’t have heart shaped cutters I’m sure you could freehand this easily enough.

If you want to string them with twine don’t forget to make a little hole in the heart before you bake them.

Then bake your salt dough hearts at around 110°C/225°F/Gas Mark ¼ for 2-3 hours or until they are hard and completely dry. You can air dry them but it takes around 48 hours.

Once dry you can glue on a badge backing or magnet or string through your twine.

Ready to hang as decorations or give away for Valentines Day.

It must be January.

Happy New Year everybody. I only have one resolution this year but its a biggy. This is the year I get organized. And not just in a tidy up my desk and buy some nice stationery kind of way which is what I usually mean when I tell myself I need to be more organized. I mean learning what it takes to be properly organized and developing habits that make it happen again and again.

The lessons I learnt (that’s what I’m calling it) last year about being a mum and running a business all boil down to this one thing. If I was more organized it would be easier to cook healthy meals. It would be easier to get everybody out of the house in time for playgroup, nursery or just to walk the dog before it gets dark. It would be easier to jump between the kids and work, and all that is bound to make day to day life a lot easier for everybody. Sounds to good to be true, right?

I don’t think I’m a lost cause, its just becoming clear that my old ways aren’t cutting it anymore. So no more staring into the fridge hoping for inspiration I’m going to make meal plans. No more running around the house looking for one welly boot there will be a place for everything. And all appointments and goings on will go on the calendar (Ok, yes I did buy some nice stationery). I’d love to hear how you keep organized, what apps do you use? or what habits do you have that keep you on track? I feel like I should know all this stuff already.

I have printed out the above image and stuck it to the wall to keep me on track.

Emma x

Mini christmas stocking DIY

I don’t know what it is about christmas that makes me want to make even more stuff than usual, I am planning to make stockings for the kids but for now I put together this mini stocking DIY. It felt a whole lot easier (and more fun) to just make a bunch of small stockings to hang on the tree. The idea being that you could give them out to guests over the festive season as a sort of christmas party bag. Also I was thinking they would make a nice little gift for kids and if you filled them with a few toys to keep them amused perhaps the adults might get a chance to have a proper conversation. I live in hope.

Before I start though a word of warning. If you follow my posts on instagram or Facebook you may have seen this image below. But what happened here was that I got quite absorbed in the stencilling and even remember thinking to myself how nice it was that Bruno seemed to be enjoying himself too. No. This is what he was up to…

Anyway, if you want to have a go, the details are below. If you’d rather just paint your arm, try and use paint that washes of easily!


You will need:

1. Print your stocking template, cut it out and trace around the shapes onto your fabric.

  1. Carefully with your craft knife cut some Christmas shapes from your plain paper. I like to make two or three different sizes to give a bit of interest.

  1. Hold your cut shape over the fabric and with your sponge begin slowly dabbing on the paint.

  1. Carry on stamping, making sure to give enough time for your paint to dry so you don’t smudge it. Its really tempting to place your template close to wet areas so I like to work on both sides of the stocking at once to reduce the temptation to stamp too close to wet areas.

  1. Once your paint is dry, cut out your stocking shapes and pin your decorated sides together.

  1. You can now sew your stocking up. I used my sewing machine but these are small so won’t take long to sew by hand.

  1. Once sewn, turn your stocking right side out.

  1. So that you can hang your stockings on your tree, sew your ribbon pieces to the back.

  1. Now you can fill them and leave them on your tree.

Halloween Decorations DIY

Hi Guys,

I have a DIY post live on Bloesem Blogs, I’ve been making these Halloween Decorations and if you’d like a go too, here’s how to:

You will need

  • Polystyrene balls – I used 4cm balls
  • Black and orange paint
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Black cardstock
  • White paper
  • String or cord
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Black pen
  • Glue
  • Darning needle / thin knitting needle

Step 1: paint your polystyrene balls. Paint some black for bats and spiders, some orange for pumpkins and leave a handful white for your ghosts.

Step2. For the spiders: Cut two pipe cleaners in half and half again making the eight legs, push them into the sides of a black ball and bend into shape. Cut out eye shapes from your white paper, draw in the pupils and stick in place

Step 3. Make the bats: Fold a piece of black card in half and draw on one wing shape, Cut this out and push or punch two small holes in the fold. Using a small piece of pipe cleaner attach the wings to the back of a black ball. In the same way as before stick the eyes in place.

Step 4. To make the pumpkins: Use your black pen to draw on some pumpkin markings, add your eyes and push a small piece of pipe cleaner into the top to make a little stalk.

Step 5. For the ghosts: Cut a strip of white paper long enough to wrap around a white ball. Cut a wavy shape into the bottom of the paper and stick around your polystyrene ball. Cut large black eyes from the black card and stick to your ghost.

Step 6. Using a thin knitting needle or long darning needle push holes through the centre of the polystyrene decorations. Thread a large darning needle with your string and push through the holes. Tie knots in the string to stop the decorations from slipping down and carry on adding as many decorations as you like.

Hang them around your home, or just play with them like we did. Enjoy, Emma x

Making Cards with Kids, i.e. letting them help but still ending up with something half way decent.

This weekend was fathers day and a very good friends 40th birthday (which is an alarming thought) not the fathers day thing but having friends turning 40. I’m not really ok with this. But that aside, I decided I’d put the kids to work creating cards for the occasions.

Step 1. Give pack of pens and some paper to a two and a half year old and try not to over think the result too much but instead make helpful suggestions like, “Hay perhaps we could do another colour over here”, “and “lets try just drawing on the paper and not the train set / your legs or the carpet”

Step 2. Cut the letters out yourself. I’m not sure when your supposed to give scissors to a child but I’m pretty sure I can’t trust mine not to do lasting damage yet.

Step 3. Glue them on – its up to you and how much of a control freak you are as to weather you let your kid do this bit themselves or if you just get them to tell you where they think you should stick the letters before ignoring them and putting them where they are supposed to go.

Tada: A card that a kid made that doesn’t look too much like a kid make it!